Struck By Stroke

Stroke comes in as the fourth leading cause of death, only behind cancer, pneumonia and ischaemic heart diseases. It accounts for 10%-12% of deaths and is also the largest cause of long-term

Floaters & Flashes

"It is common to experience both floaters and flashes because the vitreous gel degenerates with age." Have you ever looked up at the blue sky and seen cobwebs, lines or dots

Bone Up on Bone Health!

Your bones make you who you are, literally! They support your body, protect your vital organs and even play a part in storage of minerals and blood cell production. The bones in

Go Green And Be Healthy

Not sure where to begin your healthy weight management plan? Go green. Health knows no boundaries. Whether you are busy young adult or a retiree, it is important to keep fit and


Viral gastroenteritis, more commonly known as “stomach flu”. is an intestinal infection that can occur to anyone at any time, mainly through human contact. Causes The informal name ‘stomach flu’ itself

How has your kidney been?

How has your kidney been? Most people know how to protect their heart, but do you know how to care for your kidneys? As we grow older, our kidneys also start

Root Canal

Root Canal Q: I have serious teeth grinding problem. What should I do to prevent this? Answer: There are two types of teeth grinding: clench which tightly holds your top and bottom


Tinnitus Many elderly people share a common experience on hearing a sound in one ear or both ears, such as buzzing, ringing or whistling that occurs without an external stimulus. It can