Clean Ears 2 in 1 Complete Ear Wax Removal Spray

S$18.95 (excl. GST)

Clean Ears – 2 in 1 Complete Ear Wax Removal Spray. Dissolves Ear Wax Fast and Irrigates The Ears. Simply Spray And Go! Safe For Babies Above 3 Months (15ml)

✔️ Works fast- Just spray and go
✔️ Saves time and saves money on unnecessary doctor visits and fees
✔️ No waiting for ten minutes or head tilting required
✔️ Contains natural ingredients- Zero side effects
✔️ Safe for babies over 3 months
✔️ No preservatives
✔️ Prevents build up of ear wax

Clean Ears ear wax removal spray contains Phytosqualan (extracted from olives), Mineral oil and Spearmint oil.

The 3 main ingredients work in the following manner:

  • Phytosqualan, is similar in composition to the ear wax but it is in liquid form. When Clean Ears is sprayed into the ear, the Clean Ears molecules will collide with the solid ear wax particles. And during this collision’, kinetic energy is transferred onto the solid ear wax and will help loosen it up and partially dissolve the ear wax. And finally help migrate the ear wax out on its own.
  • Mineral oil irrigates the ear and removes the dissolved ear wax.
  • Spearmint oil warms the ear canal and provides a pleasant and refreshing aroma.


The #1 Trusted Brand By Choosy Moms In Australia, France, Poland and Israel.
Clean Ears is a simple but yet an effective solution to a common problem…. Ear Wax.

It removes earwax safely and quickly and frees up your time to do other important things. It has been scientifically proven to dissolve and safely remove ear wax … A must-have item in all households in Singapore!

A safer alternative to cotton buds, Clean Ears Ear Wax Removal Spray can safely be used in babies ( above 3 months) to adults.

It is effective for all types of ear wax from the soft types to the dry and hard ones.

Probably the biggest question right now on your mind is …”will this work for me?” correct??

Firstly, Clean Ears is backed up by scientific evidence and was found to be superior to other ear wax removal products.

And secondly, Clean Ears is the #1 product for ear wax removal in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Poland
  • Israel

So go ahead and use it with confidence.
But what if it doesn’t work?… you may ask.
Based on scientific evidence, Clean Ears can help 8 out of 10 people. But for the small minority that it doesn’t work, these people may seek additional medical help.

Here is the Link to the scientific evidence.

How to use

For maintenance : 1 spray in each ear | 1-2 times a week will be good enough

* Clean Ears Is Not Sold At The Pharmacy
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