Dr Xin GlucoDuce™ 20s/box

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• Scientifically Proven to Maintain Body Healthy Sugar Level

• Improve Body Weight

• High Antioxidant

• Natural Herbal Blend Tea without Bitter Taste

• Japan Formulated

• No Added Additive, Preservative or Colouring

• Caffeine Free

Formulated in Japan, GlucoDuce™ contains a unique and scientifically proven herbal blend of Bitter Gourd (Momordica Charantia) extract.

Bitter gourd is a tropical plant that is widely cultivated in Asia, India, East Africa and South America for its bitter fruits that are commonly used in cooking and as a natural remedy to maintain body healthy sugar level.

Physiological studies have shown that Momordica Charantia can induce glucose uptake in the liver.

GlucoDuce™ does not have the bitter taste of the bitter gourd. Thus, it is suitable for those who dislike bitter gourd’s taste.

With the traditional use supported by modern scientific evidence of the beneficial function of Momordica Charantia, it is one of the most promising plants today.

GlucoDuce™ is not just any other herbal tea but a dietary supplement that is beneficial for health.

GlucoDuce™ is made from 100% natural ingredients, the taste and colour may vary slightly from batch to batch. However, this does not affect the quality of the product.

Balanced diet and regular exercise are essential.

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  Serving Size: 3.0g (1 teabag)  Servings per pack: 20

   Per Serving           Per 100g

   Energy                                                8.4 kcal  275.0 kcal

   Protein                                                0.5g  14.9g

   Total Fat                                              0.0g  0.0g

   – Saturated fat                                    0.0g  0.0g

   – Trans fatty acid                                0.0g  0.0g

   Cholesterol                                         0.0mg  0.0mg

   Carbohydrate                                     1.1g  36.9g

   – Total sugar                                        0.0g  0.0g

    Total Dietary Fibre                            1.0g   33.7g

    Sodium                                               0.5mg  17.6mg

   Calcium                                                23.9mg  797.0mg

   Iron                                                       0.6mg  19.4mg

   Vitamin C                                             0.5mg  15.6mg

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