NEW EQUAL Spoonful has a great sugar taste. It is a subtle blend of ingredients that enhances coffee,tea and your favourite dishes with a delicious flavour.

COOKING WITH EQUAL – EQUAL Spoonful measures and tastes just like sugar without all the calories of sugar. Equal Spoonful can be used in a wide variety of recipes when cooking and baking with EQUAL. Use recipes designed for EQUAL or add to recipes at the last stage of cooking to maintain sweetness. If you would like lots of delicious and nutritious recipes using EQUAL,visit our website at EQUAL is also available in Tablets and Sachets,so you will find it quick and easy to cut down on sugar and still enjoy the sweet things in life.

Country of Origin: Germany

Ingredients: Maltodextrin (from Corn Starch), Sweeteners (Aspartame 14.2mg, Acesulfame Potassium 9.5mg), Flavouring (636)