Did you know the number one cause of a vaporiser’s poor performance or failure to steam, is mineral build up from not being cleaned properly? Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets contain special non-toxic ingredients to help keep vaporisers in top condition.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maintains vaporiser at peak efficiency
  • Prevents formation of mineral deposits
  • Removes built-up mineral deposits
  • Special non-toxic tablets clean as it steams
  • Easy to use, no mess and fuss
  • Australian made & owned

How to use:

Euky Bear Vaporiser Cleaning Tablets should be used for the first operation, then every 3rd or 4th use afterwards to keep the vaporiser in optimal condition.

In areas with mineralised, or ‘hard’ water use two Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets each time the vaporiser is used.

1. Place the tablet in the centre of the water container BEFORE filling with water. Cleaning tablets are non-toxic so they can be used during normal operation – no need to run a ‘cleaning’ cycle.

2. Add cold tap water to the container. Important: DO NOT OVERFILL. Fill only to the level indicated on the container.

3. Run your vaporiser and rinse clean afterward according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Active ingredient: citric acid