Feng Brand® DongChong XiaCao (Cordyceps) Capsules 30s

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Chinese Caterpillar Fungus Cordyceps is a precious traditional medicine in China. Its functions such as tonifying asthenia-syndrome, supplementing vital energy, invigorating the lung and nourishing the kidney, has been recorded in books of meteria medica for generations. Physicians in ancient times has praised it as “the utmost efficacious substance”, and “being able to cure all kinds of asthenia and injuries”. But the rareness of its natural resources has cost the medicine to be relatively expensive.

Feng Brand® Dongchong Xiacao capsule is manufactured from an isolate of fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus produced in Sichuan province of China by purifying, cultivating and special bioengineering techniques.

Feng Brand® Dongchong Xiacao capsule contains mannitol, ergosterol, Chinese caterpillar fungus and more than 10 kinds of amino acids, such as lysine, etc. It is not only a medicine with good curative effect, but also an excellent tonic for enriching the blood and strengthening the body as it can promote the immunity of the organs.


This product has good curative effect on chronic, bronchial asthma, chronic renal insufficiency. It also has the functions of promoting immunity, reducing side effects and stabilizing the hemogram with patients having tumours after their radiotherapies, chemotherapies or operations.

Ingredients:           Each capsule contains 250mg Cordyceps Sinensis Hypha

Dosage:                 Adult – 3 times daily, 2-3 capsules each time. The dosage can be doubled for patients with severe illness.

In stewing poultry and meat, an addition of an adequate amount of this product (depending on taste preference) will not only raise the nutritive value of the food but also give a delicious taste as well. There is no known contraindication or side effect.

Packing:                Each bottle contains 30 capsules

Manufacturer:      Datong Liqun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Datong, Shanxi, China; licensed by Joo Hong Medical Hall

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