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Frunatic Trial Package (Price includes GST 7% and 10% Service Charge)

S$1,045.00 (excl. GST)

Kick-start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Frunatic Trial packages at this exclusive price.

Shifting the paradigm that healthy food cannot be epicurean, Frunatic proves that therapeutic wellness meal can help you Eat better, Feel better, and Live better. By consuming Frunatic meal, you will obtain immediate and long-term benefits. Our therapeutic wellness meal will maintain, restore and improve your health.

This comprehensive package includes of:

1 session of Nutrient-Deficiency Analysis & Pre Consultation*

  • Provide you with a complete nutrient analysis Detect potential health risks

10 sets of Frunatic Therapeutic Wellness MealĀ 

1 session of Post Wellness Consultation*

  • Show you the improvements you have made and will work with you on a lifestyle solution that will help maintain your body in a healthy and equilibrium state.

*Both consultations and review assessments will be arranged at a time and place of your convenience.
**Applicable for dine-in and take-away only.

Price includes GST 7% and 10% Service Charge.



Frunatic is unique and probably the only food concept in the world that has its own in-house team of wellness professionals that includes Nutritionist, Dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor and TCM Physician collaborating with its Chef to create a series of personalised therapeutic wellness meal.

Our food and beverages are designed to retain maximum nutrients of every ingredients used. Frunatic offers only 100% natural food and beverage with no dairy, no gluten, no trans-fat, no additives, no cholesterol, and no preservatives.

Our team of wellness professionals take great care in formulating the meals and beverages with infused therapeutic formulation, combine with the finest selection of best nutrient-rich superfoods and TCM natural healing herbs in our perfectly crafted recipes.

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