Kordel’s Black Hair Melatine® uses Melatine®, a patented keratin hydrolysate that naturally contains melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color, to help prevent the premature greying of hair.

Research shows that regular consumption of Melatine® contributes to the maintenance of natural hair pigmentation. With this key ingredient, Kordel’s Black Hair Melatine® is formulated to strengthen and promote healthy dark hair.

NOTE: Product is a blend of several active ingredients that comprises of substances that is not homogenous in color. This results in white specks that could be seen in each of the capsules which is perfectly normal.

To enhance the stability of the product, store your capsules in a dry place, away from humidity, sun and other sources of heat and light.

Melatine® (Hydrolysed keratin from black sheep wool) 325 mg
Biotin 25 mcg
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 0.5 mg

Adults take two capsules a day, after meals, or as directed by a healthcare professional. For optimum results, take daily for four consecutive months.