Kordel’s Hi- Omega 3 Wild Salmon and Fish Oils 1000mg 90s

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Kordel’s Hi-Omega 3 Wild Salmon and Fish Oils is an excellent source of important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA.This unique fish oil blend delivers a high and standardised 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA in each capsule and is a mixture of wild salmon and other fishes, namely anchovy and sardines.
Cold water fishes are naturally rich source of EPA and DHA. They are nutrients essential for good cell membrane function and are important building blocks for nerve and brain tissues. They help to maintain healthy lipid levels in the body and supports smooth blood flow.
Each batch of Kordel’s Hi-Omega 3 Wild Salmon and Fish Oils undergoes additional testing for freshness, quality and heavy metals such as mercury and lead.



Pack Size

Wild Salmon & Fish Oils – 1000mg
Prov. Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) – 180mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) – 120mg

Adults take 3 capsules a day, after meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Capsule Source

Allergen Statement
Contains no added sugar, starch, yeast, gluten, salt, artificial coloring or preservative

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