Ingredients: Organic Cherry Juice

  • 100% pure juice
  • No concentrate
  • Without added sugar
  • We use only the aromatic sour cherries from contracted farmers in Germany and Austria ( morello cherry and St. Lucie)
  • Contain valuable Secondary plant substances (so called Flavonoids), which are antioxidative
  • 10 % of the cherry stones are also processed. The stones amount for Bencaldehyde and have a positive impact on the Digestion and Arteriosclerosis
  • Cherries amount for a high content of Vitamin C and Zinc ( to build the connective tissue and to strengthen the immune system), Folic Calium (Dehydration and Deacidification and therefore strengthen the muscle of sportsmen)
  • 200ml of C for 4 to 6 weeks lower the uric acid and prevent gout

Packing:Ā 06 bottles per carton