• Formulated for degreasing and maintenance of surfaces
  • Ideal for all types of kitchen surfaces
  • Acts quickly, leaves no trace and is food contact safe
  • No biofilm build-up

Saniswiss products are formulated and manufactured in Switzerland. Using smart biotechnology, Saniswiss creates cleaners and sanitisers that are both safe and effective. The SAFE trademark means you are using products that protects the well-being of consumers. Saniswiss products are safe for children and the elderly and do not carry any warning symbols typically found on regular household chemicals. Our products also meet the highest environmental standards and carry the coveted EU Ecolabel.

Saniswiss Sanicleaner DEGREASER is ideal for use in kitchens. It is an environmentally friendly solution designed for the removal of grease from all washable surfaces including floors, doors and walls. It restores shine and brightness to surfaces, is fast-acting, leaves no trace and is approved for food contact.