• Broad spectrum in 15 sec
  • Contains no allergenic substances
  • Skin friendly
  • Fast acting
  • pH neutral
  • Formulated with organic bio-ethanol
  • Persistent protection after disinfection
  • Meets WHO recommendations on Hand Hygiene (POPS)

Saniswiss products are formulated and manufactured in Switzerland. Using smart biotechnology, Saniswiss creates cleaners and sanitisers that are both safe and effective. The SAFE trademark means you are using products that protects the well-being of consumers. Saniswiss products are safe for children and the elderly and do not carry any warning symbols typically found on regular household chemicals. Our products also meet the highest environmental standards and carry the coveted EU Ecolabel.

ANTI-MICROBIAL – Active on a wide range of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and mycobacteria.

RAPID – Lethal for 99% of germs within 15 sec. including enveloped viruses such as Covid-19.

SKIN FRIENDLY – Its hypoallergenic formulation features no allergenic substances such as perfumes, paraben and phenoxyethenol. Saniswiss Sanitizer HANDS H1 has undergone extensive dermatological tests.

MADE OF PLANT ORIGIN – Our eco-friendly formulation features organic bio-ethanol.

WHO PRIVATE ORGANISATION FOR PATIENT SAFETY – Meets WHO recommendations and standards on hand hygiene.