Spirulina 100% is a natural dietary supplement created with Spirulina, a species of blue-green algae. Born on earth over 3.5 billion years ago, Spirulina is said to be the oldest plant on earth. Since it is nutritionally rich both in quality and quantity, Spirulina is attracting more and more attention as a promising natural food.

How to use Spirulina 100% Powder?
Spirulina 100% Powder can be used in food, mixed with water or juice as a drink, even mixed into a paste and used as a face mask! We recommend a sweeter juice like mango or pineapple.

How to store Spirulina 100% Powder?
Spirulina is light sensitive, so store your Spirulina 100% powder in its original container, or in an air tight alternative in a cool dark place.

Pack size: 500g per pack