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WaterSource Filters (JOY 306 / JOY 306U)- 4pcs

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Filters for JOY 306 and JOY306U

1/2 Year Supply

Made in Korea

Laboratory Proven And Tested

  • FDA-tested
  • HSA-tested
  • 100% Chlorine-Free
  • Remove heavy metal
  • Remove harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Remove 99.9% of germs and viruses
  • Emits Far Infrared
  • Remove harmful radioactive isotopes
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Patented 4 Stage Bio-Ceramic Filters

  • Remove heavy metals
  • Remove harmful chlorine
  • Remove rust, sediments & impurities
  • Effectively block bacteria & viruses

Patented 4 Stage Bio-Ceramic Filtration System

1st Sediment Filter

  • Primary filtration
  • Removes 5 – 10 µm pore size sediments (rust and suspended solids)

2nd UF Membrane Filter

  • Remove 0.01 µm impurities
  • Effectively block bacteria and viruses
  • Reduce harmful TTHM (Trihalomethane)
  • Reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) Reduce radiation fallout

3rd AOA Filter

  • Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Filter
  • Alkaline water 8 – 9 pH
  • Ionized water with oxidation reduction potential [ORP] (-150mV ~ -200mV)
  • Emit useful minerals
  • Patent registered technology

4th Magma-Q Filter

FDA tested ceramic which emits far infrared and radiant energy with strong sterilizing power.

  • Keep water bacteria free
  • Remove heavy metals
  • Remove radioactive isotopes
  • Smaller water micro-clusters
  • Supply essential minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na etc.)
  • Remove residual chlorine

What is Magma Q?

Magma Q is prominent outstanding for sterilizing. Magma Q is a kind of artificially synthesized jeolite, which emits far infrared and radiant energy. It does not change water’s composition, taste and smell. So the water treated with Magma Q has a just same taste of mineral water. Magma Q has strong sterilizing power on all hospital bacterias, which are contagious by water. Magma Q has very strong sterilizing power against cholera, paratyphoid, typhoid, staphylococcus, yellow staphylococcus, diphtheria fungus, spirillum. Because of its unique characteristics, Magma Q removes harmful heavy metal and radioactive isotope such as lead, Cesium 137, Cadmium, Strontium 90 dissolved in water.

And the water which Magma Q was added to has abundant inorganic minerals, and the ration of Calcium and Magnesium become more than 3:1, which improves to control harmful activity oxygen. Also Magma Q can make alkaline water. It kills general bacteria of the water inside. And it keeps clean water for one year without any other changes of water quality.

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