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WaterSource GEM 9090 (9 Plates) Turbo

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3 Years Product Warranty & 7 Years Plates Warranty
A basic counter-top model with 5 hybrid electrodes that is able to convert tap water into delicious and light drinking water, and very high natural antioxidants to contribute positively to your wellness.

Rated USA No.1 Water Ionizer by
3 Major Independent Research Organization

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About GEM 9090
An advanced counter-top model with 9 hybrid electrodes that is able to convert tap water into delicious and light drinking water, and very high natural antioxidants to contribute positively to your wellness. The TURBO function allows users to create strongly alkaline and strongly acidic water, which should be used for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting ‚Äď a natural cleaning agent, chemical-free!


Convenient touch screen operations and backlight function.


Touch-Type Automatic Water Supply Structure And 7-Colour Back Light
‚ÄĘ One touch of a button enables to start and stop
‚ÄĘ Divides and displays alkaline water and acidic water by 7 colours

Adoption Of 9 Electrodes Made Of Dream Material, Platinum And Holed Titanium
The use of new materials of platinum and titanium for the electrodes of the electrolytic tank, the core part of
the reduction water appliance, extends its life span and heightens the ratio of generating hydrogen.

Automatic Control System With Built-In CPU Chips
All actions of the reduction water appliance are automatically controlled by the semi-conductor CPU chips which automatically seek and control the best operating conditions in consideration of current quantity and water quality.

Voice Guided Service
Warning voices enable to more safely and conveniently use the product for the explanation and safety of
various functions.

Anti-Virus System Of The Electrolytic Tank
The energy generated in supplying necessary water basically controls the propagation of micro-organisms and
keep the optimal status through its automatic cleaning function.

PHI Water Type Purifying Filters
The 1ST filter is the primary active carbon filter (ACF) which filters relatively large suspended matter like rust
and dregs, residual chlorine in water and volatile organic compounds.
The 2nd filter is a composite ceramic filter, broken down into 3 parts:
M Ceramic: Keeps the balance of ions; it is anion ceramic
P Ceramic: It has plenty of inorganic minerals and gives good heat conductivity, and dissolves nutrients well
to convert into the ingredients for the human body to react well. Thus, it improves the metabolism of human body.
K Ceramic: It has plenty of minerals and makes water stable as this ceramic has been baked from the clay
fermented by TM.
The filters have a 3,600 litre cycle (equivalent to 6 months) by the standard of the passing water quantity of 20
litres a day. Filter change cycles are designed to be displayed by voice guides and LCD icons to be easily known.


Product Name: Water Ionizer

Model Name: GEM 9090 TURBO

Korean Medical Device KFDA Reg #: 2131

Weight: 6 kg

Product Size: W400 x D116 x H415.74 mm

Water Cell Plate Materials: Platinum and Titanium

Electrolytic Cell Quantity of Poles: 9

Total Surface Area: 315 in² (2032.25 cm²)

pH Levels: 4 Alkaline, 1 Neutral, 3 Acidic Super Water Capable of producing water from pH 2.0~12.0 (depending on source water)

Adjustable pH: User adjustable pH level control

Filters Configuration: Patented 2 TM ŌÄ Filtration Mode

Filter Life Display: LCD filter replacement filter and voice announcement

Operating Voltage Range: AC100~240V / 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 5W ~ 375W

Operating Pressure Range: 0.1 ~ 0.5 MPa

Maximum Flow Rate: 3 litres/min

Extraction Type: Flexible Tube

Requirements: Water supply (direct connection to water pipe or faucet) Electricity power supply

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